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The center for high quality and reliable automotive service for every make and every model, conducted by a crew of well-trained certified mechanics. Whatever service your car needs, you can have it done here well and quickly, maximizing your own convenience and peace of mind.

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We are delighted to welcome you to our Ford service center. We are here to take care of all of your automotive needs with an emphasis on providing you quality service and ensuring your satisfaction. We understand how important it is to have full confidence in the quality of the work that is being done to your prized vehicle. That is why we make sure that everything that goes into repairing and maintaining your car is held to the highest standards, from our staff to facilities and even the parts that we use. All of our technicians are very well trained and have extensive industry certifications, qualifying them to perform practically any service that your car may need. Similarly, our facilities are extensively and modernly appointed, giving our expert mechanics the necessary equipment to give your car the highest level of care and, of course, the highest quality spare parts for your vehicle as well.

In addition to providing you the peace of mind that your car is getting the best possible care, we also make sure that you are very satisfied with your experience when you visit us. All of our personnel are courteous and professional, focused on making sure that you get everything you need to be completely happy with the service that you receive and the work that goes into your car. Our service center specializes in servicing Ford vehicles, with plenty of knowledge and experience working with that make, but we are also capable of servicing any other make and model as well. We are here to take care of any repair or maintenance need your car have and provide you the highest level of quality and satisfaction while we do so.

Ford Automotive Service

Our Ford service center is focused around having everything that is necessary to provide the highest quality and most satisfying service for your vehicle, which also includes having the best-working parts specifically designed for your vehicle. To that end, we stock a full complement of Original Equipment Manufacturer components for all the vehicle that we service. OEM parts, as the designation for these components is sometimes abbreviated, are made by the same manufacturer that provides the factory parts which were used to construct your vehicle in the first place. This makes them uniquely suited for serving as replacement parts. They replicate the functionality of the original part perfectly, down to the fit, tolerances and material quality. Aftermarket parts built by a third party often do not fit as well as the OEM components, do not have the same tolerances, making it likely that they do not perform as well or could damage other parts around them and are often made from cheaper and less resilient materials than OEM parts. Finally, OEM parts are specifically designed with your cars'make, model and trim level in mind, while aftermarket ones are often generic, set to fit multiple vehicles. Based on this comparison, OEM parts are the only components that a service center that prizes quality and customer satisfaction can use, and also why we use OEM parts exclusively when repairing your vehicle.