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Oil Change Service

Whenever you need oil changes, do not hesitate to visit Classic Ford Smithfield. Check out our current specials!

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Benefits of Oil Change Services

When your car is functioning properly, it might be appealing to skip the oil change service and save some money. Clean oil is important in keeping the engines cools. Where the dirt in your oil might cause friction in your engine, therefore, reducing the gas mileage, clean oil helps to enhance lubrication. This helps your car to go extra miles with the same amount of oil. It can actually help your engine go for longer without requiring a replacement. Regular oil changes can actually help your engine go for longer without requiring a replacement. Clean oil acts to efficiently cool and lubricate your engine, thus, enabling it to run without hiccups. Therefore, if you want to save money on engine maintenance, consider getting your oil changed on a regular basis. Proof of regular vehicle maintenance is important when claiming your warranty. Be sure that you are getting regular oil changes while your vehicle is under warranty.

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If you are looking for certified technicians to handle your oil changes, then you are in the right place. Our technicians are highly-skilled not to mention experienced. They conduct regular oil changes. Therefore, we do not plan on experimenting with your vehicle. Other than that, they have the know how to handle all vehicle brands and makes.

Oil Change Service

One of the benefits of utilizing our oil change services is the fact that we only utilize Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). OEM helps save on vehicle repair costs in the long run. Sure, they might cost you more than aftermarket parts. However, they have a higher quality, last longer, and include a warranty for them. And, if you are served in our dealership, you get a warranty for both the parts and the labor.